AIR – Smart Home in Just 30 Minutes!

They start by saying that ‘What if your home loves you back?’ or ‘What if you could buy time?’ and then they do exactly that! They make your home love you and they buy you time. Meet the Leaf team which created ‘AIR’ that makes all this possible. It’s not a gadget, it’s something that gives life to your home. It’s something that makes the soul of the house care for you and brings your home closer to you.

Simple yet elegant design
The design of the entire product is sleek, elegant and outstanding. Kudos to the team that created this beautiful product! In totality AIR has two units.

AIR unit which is pentagonal – This sits on your wall. This is the central unit that processes everything. It carries out the tasks, detects our presence, keeps a tab on gadgets and energy consumption, etc. It’s like the brain of the product.

Switching modules – These are the arms and legs of AIR. Fitted right in the existing switchboxes, these modules carry out the task as told to them by the main AIR unit.

Apart from these two parts, a smartphone app (for iOS and android) acts as the bridge which conveys our needs to the main AIR unit. Also, the app connects to the main unit through the Leaf’s own cloud network. These four sections simplify our lives a lot.

Working of AIR
Everything seems to work on its own. AIR makes it possible. We ask AIR to do a task through the app. The app asks the main AIR unit to execute the task through the cloud network. The main unit asks its limbs, the switching modules, to execute the task. And they do it. That’s it. A very simple working of an exceptional product!

What good comes of having AIR?
It’s a product of only pros and no cons. The major pros of this innovation are

Control – We control everything without moving from our place. Just by lifting our finger for using the app, we can do a wide range of tasks. Everything in our house at our fingertips.

Saves time and energy – It saves tremendous amount of time and physical energy spent on doing various tasks around the house.

Scheduling of functions – We can line up functions and AIR follows the schedule performing tasks right on time.

Keeps on learning – AIR observes and learns our habits and behaviour. Its intelligence system then adapts its behaviour to suit our habits. It studies our routine and schedules tasks automatically.

Energy saving – AIR also saves tremendous amount of power by reducing wastage of energy using its powerful energy saving system which is designed considering all kinds of devices that we use. First of all it works on minimum power. Secondly it keeps tabs on power usage of each and every appliance and shuts off any unwanted appliance. It also gives an account of our power usages in a week as well as a month
Safety for Children – Children are safe from appliances and switches with AIR in the house. Through the app, we can simply shut off the appliances and switches which pose harm to children.

Protection from intruders – The burglar alarm warns us immediately of possible breach of our house. Air’s this security system is embedded inside which makes it more secure.

Hassle free installation
No extra costs of installation and no rewiring make this installation a quick affair. In about 30 minutes AIR is operational and obeying your commands. It integrates all the appliances whether new or old. Compatibility is a big relief in times where gadgets are getting old too fast. Also it’s portable. If you move, you can move AIR along with you. The Leaf team provides free reinstallation for two years, wherever you go.

Once installed it gives you the wow effect. One can bask in the wonder of this creation. Such is the grandeur that it gives to your home. One never realizes when AIR became a part of our lives with its fast learning and intelligent working. With AIR every home is a smart home. A complete solution in terms of home automation is what AIR is. It is truly as they say about AIR that ‘What if your home loves you back?’

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Top 10 Best Email Service Providers

Some of the best email service providers at free of cost. just like Gmail, Outlook, as well as a variety of other free email service that you can find in the market. However, you need to tread free email service with caution. Sharing important documentation could also result in identity theft if you are not careful. So, with the free email provides, always make sure that you get the best deal out of the event. Free email service can count for a lot, particularly if you happen to be in this age, looking into quality modes of communication with your team in the office, as well as when you happen to go outside for some other work.

List of Best Email Service Providers
Moreover, some of the best email service has been able to make it big in this market, and they have certainly branched out into some other forms of making money. With all of that being said, you could possibly have an indication and liking on getting the best email provides adjudicated to your needs and understanding.

#1. Gmail
Gmail is one of the best email service providers in the world. Gmail is simple and user-friendly. Gmail messages are grouped nicely with relevant replies such that you can read messages in the context. Gmail revolutionized webmail by adding markedly faster operation, aggressive spam reduction, vastly increased mail storage space, and a controversial conversation view. It offers over 10GB of free storage, has excellent spam filter and enables access via mobile devices. And there’s the advantage of it’s built-in IM and video calling feature. Gmail also offers customized email service for businesses, individuals and organizations. Gmail’s interface has long had all the charm of a spreadsheet—lots of text, lines, and links.

#2. AOL Mail
AOL mail is also one of the best email providers in the market. AOL doesn’t have as many features for productivity.The old-timer among email services gets a complete makeover in its latest incarnation. You also get effective protection against junk and viruses as well as a simple interface and the ability to access your mail from anywhere with the use of IMAP and POP.It also has slightly less storage than GMail and Yahoo Mail, but it does have a large amount of available storage at 2 GB. Aol Mail has the most distracting ads among the major webmail services.

#3. Outlook.Com is the new email service providers, reinvented best email providers. could offer more help with composing in addition to organizing mail, though. It builds off the power of Outlook on PCs and Macs. serves free email with practically unlimited storage accessible on the web with a rich and helpful interface or using IMAP, POP and Exchange ActiveSync in email programs on desktop and mobile device. You can connect with social networks from inside your email account, integrate skydrive which include Office Web Apps for Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. the free version supports only up to 5 GB of storage space. Also, the attachment file size limit is of 25 MB.

#4. Yahoo Mail
Yahoo mail is the largest best email service providers in the U.S. has only incrementally improved in the past year, though it did add one very cool new feature. The new Yahoo! mail stands among the best free email services available on the web and mobile devices. They offer unlimited email storage, social networking, instant messaging and SMS texting. Yahoo’s clean, still-fresh interface makes excellent use of tabs, and you get a preview pane. You can send up to 50 files or 100MB file size in a single email. Your messages are automatically sorted, and lower priority messages like newsletters and coupons are organized into folders.

#5. Mail.Com is also offers unlimited storage with free best email providers. Mail are reliable email services filtered well of spam and viruses. You will have to pay for a premium account, however, if you want to access your mail from another email client, and there’s no built-in instant messaging. you can use with a rich web interface and mobile apps. POP and iMAP access are available as a paid add-on. you can select the email domain name that will suit you best from over 200 domain names e.g.,,,,, and so on. offers most of the important email features that you might be thinking about.

#6. iCloud Mail
Apple iCloud Mail is a free email service from Apple with ample storage. iCloud Webmail syncs Emails from your Apple devices, onto your iCloud account and could be accessed on your web browser. iCloud Mail provides free 5 GB of storage for Webmail and a file attachment limit of up to 20 MB. Although it does come with IMAP and SMTP support, it lacks support for POP3. That interface at does not offer labels or other more advanced tools for productivity. iCloud Email client is ad-free and takes a unique design approach to enhance its user experience. With no support for POP3, other Email accounts could not be accessed through your iCloud Webmail account. Other disadvantage includes not being able to categorize Emails into folders or categories.

#7. Zoho Mail
Zoho very good free best email service with unlimited storage and lots of features like calendar, notes, instant chat and task manager. Zoho Mail is a solid email service with ample storage. Zoho is one of the most renowned CRM service provider for businesses and professionals. It features calendar, task manager, notes and instant chat as well as other business app found in Google apps for business. Its free version comes with 5 GB of Mailbox storage and 1 GB of Document storage. Zoho is Simple and uncluttered interface, Ad-free, Professional services for Businesses, Easy access of Notes, Docs, links, Calendar and more.

#8. Yandex Mail
Yandex Mail is also very good best email providers. Yandex.Mail is a free email service that is also one of the most popular mail services. Yandex.Mail offers a full, rich and usable email experience with powerful web access. Yandex.Mail offers free email with unlimited online storage. Yandex.Mail free-of-charge for your domain and you will receive: A handsome mail address with any login and address of your domain. Take advantage of all Yandex.Mail features with your phone. Send messages no matter where you are. Get push notifications about new mail.

#9. Inbox.Com offer free best email service providers online photo sharing, calendar, tasks and notes as part of free offers aside their free email service. provides 5GB free storage space for your emails. Also a highly polished, fast and functional way to access it via either the web. You can easily change the layout of your inbox with their drag n drop tool. IMAP access is not supported by, and its tools for organizing mail could be improved with smart or self-teaching folders.

#10. GMX Mail
In GMZ Mail Spams and viruses are well filtered Best Email Providers. GMX is not so popular, but it offers quite reliable email service. GMX Free Webmail is the Free Email you´ve been waiting for: From mobile phone to web browser take care of your accounts your way on your time. Configuring your GMX’s SMTP server for an email application or client (Microsoft Outlook, SendBlaster, Mozilla Thunderbird etc.) is very easy. GMX offers an all-in-one email service with a reasonable amount of inbox storage and a large maximum attachment size.

With free email service and free email provides out in the market, paying for best email service are certainly not going to be a very popular option. However, there are times in which you need your security, particularly if it is for the welfare of your company. So, you get a lot of server and hosting solutions providing best email service providers that are paid, and will be able to provide you with an added layer of security in case you are in need of it. With that being said, it brings about a lot of change and understanding when you actually thinking about looking into this particular best email service. All in all, you are definitely going to have a wonderful time and also experience a lot of quality things when it comes to getting the best possible email provisions provided to you.

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