How You Can Increase your SEO Efforts Using Google+

Bloggers and content marketers have realized the importance of using their Google+ profile to connect the content they have written to their own authorship. When they write and publish high-quality content related to their business niche, Google has an easier time recognizing you as an authority within your business niche. To ensure that Google recognizes you as an authority within your field, your content should always be relevant to your particular area of expertise.

Another way that you can use the website to your benefit is to optimize your profile. When you use Google+ as part of your SEO efforts, you should also remember to optimize your profile. By including as much information as possible and completing all of the required areas, URL for your website, profile image, and details about your business; your followers will have a clear idea about who you are and what your business does. You may also want to have your page verified by Google to help increase your credibility.

As with any other social media page, your Google+ page is more effective if you link it with your website and other social media pages you may have. By adding the page to your website, search engines will find it easier to locate you and provide your site in their search results. When visitors to your site see that you have added the +1 button they will find it easier to identify you and know that you are a credible website and author. It will also make it much easier for them to connect with you on the different social media pages you may have.

Consistently posting high quality content is just as important on this platform as with any other. If you regularly provide your followers with high quality content they are more likely to follow you and connect with you on different social media websites. This content will also make it easier for the search engine to locate your content and provide in their results increasing your rankings.

In addition to your content being of high quality, it should also be written to engage your audience. A good way to do this is to provide your readers with information they may not be aware of regarding your products or services. When you comment on the conversations taking place on your Google+ page, you will help your readers know how to connect to your content and engage with you.

Google+ can be a highly beneficial marketing tool for your SEO efforts, but only if you utilize everything that it has to offer. It may take a bit of work, but when you get it down, it can help your SEO efforts dramatically. If you haven’t already created a page for your business, you should consider doing so now.

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Making Use of Search Engine Optimization to Grow your Business

As a product or service provider, you probably have learned a lot about marketing. You know how to present your product so that it draws attention. You produce marketing materials perfectly calculated to convince the consumer to buy from you. You invest in carefully designed websites that will attract consumer’s attention. But one specialized niche in marketing online involves search engine optimization or SEO.

What is SEO?
Well, think about bricks-and-mortar stores. Location is everything in that world – if you have a storefront that is visible from the main road, consumer awareness will work to your benefit. That would be like having your business advertised on the front page of Yahoo! – effective, but expensive.

So what do store owners do who find themselves tucked between a barbershop and a convenience store behind a block of apartments? They need to be in a directory. That way, when someone on the other side of town browses through the yellow pages, he sees their name and decides they are worth looking up. The online equivalent of yellow pages is Google. But there are literally thousands and millions of websites wanting to be listed on Google. What decides who gets listed high enough on the list to be seen?

This is what search engine optimization does for you. Google doesn’t explicitly state the requirements for high ranking in their search results, but an entire business segment has sprung up among people who study search results and the factors know to affect them, and they have proven methods to increase your ranking.

For instance, Google is looking for keywords on your site. If someone goes out and searches for a given phrase, Google shows them sites which discuss that phrase a lot. Does that mean that you should use phrases relevant to your product in every sentence?

Unfortunately, Google’s artificial intelligence is smart enough to know that you’re probably just gaming the system. In addition, consumers who read that material are also smart enough to be turned off by it. But SEO experts have the appropriate amount of keyword usage down to a science.

Google wants to see links to your sites from other prominent sites. But getting these sites to post your links is obviously problematic. SEO experts specialize in the judicious use of inter-site linking to boost your site’s ranking.

Finally, Google, like the yellow pages, offers paid advertising. They charge you according to the number of people who click on your ads. This is a double-edged sword, though. If you can pay a reasonable amount and attract actual customers, then great – it’s working for you. On the other hand, if thousands of people with casual interest click through to your site and move on without being convinced to buy anything, then you are going to be out. Once more, consider the use of an SEO expert to help you design a campaign to convert these curious clickers into paying customers.

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